Tracing Zebra

Dynamic Tracing

Zebra supports dynamic tracing, configured using the config's TracingSection and an HTTP RPC endpoint.

Activate this feature using the filter-reload compile-time feature, and the filter and endpoint_addr runtime config options.

If the endpoint_addr is specified, zebrad will open an HTTP endpoint allowing dynamic runtime configuration of the tracing filter. For instance, if the config had endpoint_addr = '', then

  • curl -X GET localhost:3000/filter retrieves the current filter string;
  • curl -X POST localhost:3000/filter -d "zebrad=trace" sets the current filter string.

See the filter documentation for more details.

journald Logging

Zebra can send tracing spans and events to systemd-journald, on Linux distributions that use systemd.

Activate journald logging using the journald compile-time feature, and the use_journald runtime config option.


Zebra can generate flamegraphs of tracing spans.

Activate flamegraphs using the flamegraph compile-time feature, and the flamegraph runtime config option.

Sentry Production Monitoring

Compile Zebra with --features sentry to monitor it using Sentry in production.