System Requirements

We usually build zebrad on systems with:

  • 2+ CPU cores
  • 7+ GB RAM
  • 14+ GB of disk space

On many-core machines (like, 32-core) the build is very fast; on 2-core machines it's less fast.

We continuously test that our builds and tests pass on:

  • macOS Big Sur 11.0
  • Ubuntu 18.04 / the latest LTS
  • Debian Buster

We usually run zebrad on systems with:

  • 4+ CPU cores
  • 16+ GB RAM
  • 50GB+ available disk space for finalized state
  • 100+ Mbps network connections

zebrad might build and run fine on smaller and slower systems - we haven't tested its exact limits yet.

Additional Features

Sentry Production Monitoring

Compile Zebra with --features sentry to monitor it using Sentry in production.

Lightwalletd Test Requirements

To test Zebra's lightwalletd RPC methods:

  • compile Zebra with the --features lightwalletd-grpc-tests
  • install a lightwalletd binary
    • Zebra's tests currently target adityapk00/lightwalletd
    • some tests might fail on other lightwalletd versions, due to differences in the logs
  • install the protoc Protobuf compiler:
    • the protobuf-compiler or protobuf package, or
    • cmake to automatically compile protoc in the zebrad build script
  • set the required test environmental variables: