Zebra Continuous Delivery

Zebra has an extension of it's continuous integration since it automatically deploys all code changes to a testing and/or pre-production environment after each PR gets merged into the main branch, and on each Zebra release.


The Continuous delivery pipeline is triggered when:

  • A PR is merged to main (technically, a push event)
  • A new release is published in GitHub


On each trigger Zebra is deployed using the branch or version references as part of the deployment naming convention. Deployments are made using Managed Instance Groups (MIGs) from Google Cloud Platform with, 2 nodes in the us-central1 region.

Note: These MIGs are always replaced when PRs are merged to the main branch and when a release is published. If a new major version is released, a new MIG is also created, keeping the previous major version running until it's no longer needed.

A single instance can also be deployed, on an on-demand basis, if required, when a long-lived instance, with specific changes, is needed to be tested in the Mainnet with the same infrastructure used for CI & CD.

Further validations of the actual process can be done on our continuous delivery workflow file.